BSInnovations :

24 Jun

Bamboo Science and Innovation BSInnovations is an non profit organisation founded in 2007 by Jean-Luc Kouyoumji, research engineer in the field of timber construction. BSInnovations aims to:

  • Promote the use and technical progress of bamboo in the areas of:
    • Planting,
    • Harvesting
    • Applications in the field of construction, structure, carpentry, joinery, panels,
    • Sustainability,
    • Energy,
    • Furniture,
  • Gather information on bamboo, vulgarisation documents, publications, scientific articles, research reports, books and other media,
  • Deploy the means of communication and information about bamboo,
  • Valorization of research,
  • Maintain a technology watch,
  • Participate to innovation actions,
  • Conduct technology transfers and technical assistance,
  • Provide training sessions,
  • Accomplish missions of representation,
  • Manage the activities of the association (management, promotion, …)
  • Organize and promote demonstrations or congresses,
  • Means used:
    • Scientific and Technical Information
    • Know-how and expertise available for the public,
    • Gathering scientific and technical documentation for Bamboo and its applications.

BSInnovation includes 6 founding members, and also, if necessary, get the assistance of  consultants for their expertise. BSInnovation is building a network of personalities that can assist in the development of bamboo.

BSInnovation today is driven by Josephine Capinding, administrator of the association.

In addition, the association president, leads the scientific activities. Currently, the association is busy organizing events for communication and rising scientific partnerships with academic institutions and research centers having expertise on bamboo.


Speciality areas of Jean-Luc Kouyoumji President of BSInnovations:

Jean-Luc Kouyoumji from 1997 to 2011, was a research engineer at FCBA, (Technological Institute of Forest Cellulose Wood and Furniture), he has acquired expertise on bamboo material and on project management. He studied the bamboo-based applications through research activities, particularly for European projects “Bamboo for Europe” and “Bamboo Thematic Network”, and also, for private development activities: composite panels, flooring, furniture … He has grown his expertise and international network in this area. Thus, the various exchanges with universities in Asia, South America and Europe were held to design a new range of products. And since 2000 he has been identified by INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) as a French partner for economic development. After a travel in the biggest industrial area of bamboo production in China, he was proposed to build up partnerships with Universities and Research Centers.

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